Welcome to Mountain Stream Media, a new space in support of new voices in the arts. In particular, we’re concerned with two art forms here — the popular song and the novel. And we’re very interested in a particular part of the country, Dallas-Fort Worth.

The reason for the interest in DFW is simple: I live and work here and am tied to the artistic and economic community. But why the popular song and novel? That’s slightly more complicated but still specific to me. First, I love both art forms and have worked in them for some time. I’ve worked as a musician in Dallas and the surrounding area for years, written a lot of songs, recorded some, cut an album, and played more gigs than I can count.

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I’ve also dedicated more hours than I can count to novel writing. I’ll be releasing one one of these days soon. And I’ve rubbed shoulders with many other area writers.

This space is dedicated to supporting the novelwriting and songwriting communities. If you’re a songwriter or novelist in Dallas-Ft Worth, I’d especially like to hear from you. But wherever you’re from, if you’re a songwriter or novelist, know someone who is, or if you simply like to read and talk about novels and listen and dance to music, join us. Sign up for the blog, come back to visit, and stay tuned for some cool debuts, discussions, and more.