Folks, the day has finally arrived: Blue Bayou, our Dallas-Ft Worth-based Tribute to Linda Ronstadt and Friends, the band we’ve worked so hard to make a reality, is now officially real. And the evidence of its reality, besides the two recent inaugural gigs we’ve done, is the Blue Bayou website. Hop on over to and check it out.

If you’ve signed up to this site,, mainly out of an interest in Blue Bayou, please sign up for band news on You’ll get the latest on upcoming gigs, photos and video of previous gigs, bios on the band members, and all the latest band scuttlebutt stuff there.

Stay tuned here as well for some exciting new changes to the Mountain Stream Media site. We’re in the middle of a revamp behind the scenes that will bring about big changes and more interesting and more frequent content. The changes promise a wider-ranging deeper dive into the arts. Not only in the DFW area but everywhere art is made.

Stick around and check us out!